Is 50% Stretch film reduction too good to be true?

People often say, “If it seems too good to be true, it is probably not true”. As unbelievable as it sounds, in this case it’s a fact. A 50% film usage reduction a guarantee of Omni Group’s award winning ‘Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution’.

At the Auspack show In May, the Omni Pallet Wrapping Solution received the Innovative Sustainable Packaging Award by the PIDA. These distinctive awards are to recognise innovative packaging developments with significant sustainability and environmental advantages.

So what is ‘The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution’?

It’s the combination of the Omni Stretch Wrap and Omni Pallet Wrapping Machines which have been engineered together to maximise film usage efficiently. Using Nano-technology, the multi-layer Omni Stretch Films are thinner, stronger and longer than the world has ever seen allowing you to wrap more pallets with less film. Used in conjunction with the Omni Wrappers Power-Pre-stretch technology, the Omni Films have a stretch yield over 400%. Through cutting edge resin advancements, Omni has developed high-performance films that are less than half the micron of conventional films with superior puncture resistance and load containment.

Omni Group Managing Director states, “Over 50% of transit damage is due to ineffective pallet wrapping therefore correct load containment is a critical area that needs improvement”. The Omni Group is offering free on site assessments on the containment force of pallets by conducting load cell, puncture resistance and tilt table tests. As well as guaranteeing stretch film usage reduction, the Omni Pallet Wrapping Solution also guarantees to perfect your load containment.