We provide more than just packaging supplies, we provide ‘Perfect Packaging Solutions’.

As a result of decades of experience and knowledge in the packaging industry, our success has come from product innovation and customization ensuring ‘Perfect Solutions’ can be tailored for each customer’s specific requirements. We are the industry innovators of Pallet Wrapping Solutions as well as complimenting a complete fulfilment of warehouse packaging necessities. We are focused on product development to save our clients money and reduce environmental impact

We are the leaders in the Packaging Industry. Our Omni Products have received multiple awards for outstanding innovation and product development. Specializing in providing The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution, we can guarantee significant savings for our clients while reducing environmental impact.


 Omni Group CMYK Part of the Omni Group
AAA Packaging Supplies is proud of its alliance with the Omni Group of Companies. Being part of the Omni Group unites decades of experience and knowledge of the packaging industry, further strengthening our ability to innovate and provide the ‘Perfect Packaging Solution’ for every need across the industry. Our company are evolutionizing the packaging industry by engineering and manufacturing its Omni Products in our local and overseas manufacturing plants. Omni Group focuses on product development through world leading innovation to reducing the costs and environmental impact of its products. As Part of the Omni Group of Companies we are the most trusted and influential packaging specialist across Australia and New Zealand.


Our vision is to be relied on by industry,
nationally as being the key provider of
‘Perfect Packaging Solutions’ and by
complimenting a complete fulfilment of industrial
packaging necessities through innovation.
Clients are our business not just
today but next month and next year.
Giving you what you want
is our priority but exceeding what
you even thought is our goal.”