What makes Omni Products Superior?

Omni has been Engineering to Perfection Packaging Solutions for over 25 years. The Omni Brand is renowned for providing quality and customised Packaging Solutions as a result of continual innovation and development to perfect its whole range. As a result our of experience and knowledge in the industry, our strong reputation has come from cutting edge product innovation with the focus to reduce the cost and environmental impact of packaging products.

Omni has developed an comprehensive range of over 4000 packaging products, specialising in pallet wrapping and load containment machinery and consumables. Omni also manufactures adhesive tapes, void fill and mailing products to compliment a complete fulfilment of warehouse packaging necessities. Manufactured in local and overseas plants, product customisation is our specialty to ensure we can provide the Perfect Packaging Solution for every requirement.


If you require customised packaging products, we have the solution. We are Australia’s leading manufacturer of Custom Printed Tape. With onsite tape printing facilities we can ensure fast turn around and a quality result every time. With tape slitting facilities, we have the ability to provide any width and length roll to suit every individual clients requirement. We can custom make and print to order a large variety of other packaging products including mailing bags, plastic sheeting, tubing and bags, postage tubes, bubble wrap and more.

Innovation is the key to the success of Omni Products. By using cutting edge technology we have developed award winning products never seen before market. These packaging innovations have been adapted to each our clients specific requirements to provide Perfect Packaging Solutions. Our innovative product developments have been focused around reducing the cost and environmental impact of all packaging products.

Our Omni Products are Engineered to Perfection and manufactured to strict quality assurance standards to ensure these packaging products perform to the highest level providing the Perfect Packaging Solution with 100% satisfaction. We have a ‘money back guarantee’ if our clients aren’t 100% satisfied.