AAA Packaging Supplies is committed to donating to charities as every amount makes a difference to those in need. Charity groups like the CFA, Australian Red Cross, Royal Children’s Hospital, Salvation Army, The Smith Family, RRT, Ronald McDonald Foundation and many others are recipients of our cause and belief in giving.

Our product developments have been focused around reducing the plastic film used to wrap a pallet which we have been able to reduce to more than half. As a result of this cutting edge technology, just one of our clients who have adapted our solution saves over 126 tonnes of stretch film per year. The majority of all our plastic products are produced from recycled material and to further reduce carbon footprint, we are proud to say our film manufacturing equipment is world leading in efficiency, using up to 32% less energy than the industry standard energy consumption of manufacturing plants.

Innovative Sustainable Packaging Design Winner
Our Omni Pallet Wrapping Solution is an environmental packaging solution. Its was awarded the 2017 Winner for Innovative Sustainable Packaging. This Packaging & Processing Innovation and Design (PIDA) Award was selected by the Australian Packaging & Processing Machinery Association (APPMA) and the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP).

These distinctive awards are to recognize innovative packaging developments with significant sustainability and environmental advantages. The ‘Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution’ is guaranteed to reduce film usage by pallet by over 50% as well as an over 20% cost reduction.

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