The most successful companies have began with a humble beginning.

AAA Packaging Supplies is another one of those business success stories. After 25 years in the industry our success has come from product innovation and customisation, ensuring ‘Perfect Packaging Solutions’ can be tailored for each customer’s specific requirements. With rapid growth since 1992 we have become relied on nationally as the leading industrial packaging supplier with unparalleled committed to its clients and 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Company Milestones

July 1992 – AAA Packaging Supplies Established
With humble beginnings AAA Packaging Supplies was started with small family business supplying general packaging products to warehouses across Melbourne. Within a short period of time the company could see a substantial need in the market for innovative packaging supplies to help customers reduce waste and costs. This was just the start of the great journey.

Aug 2000 – Omni Brand Launched
Through innovation and product development the world renowned packaging brand, “Omni Products”, was founded.

Jan 2003 – Moves to Larger Warehouse
AAA Packaging Supplies out grows its current warehouse and doubles warehouse capacity to another factory facility and in Tullamarine.

May 2003 – Began tape manufacturing in Italy
Omni Adhesive Tapes are Engineered to Perfection manufactured to the high quality standards for the best performance.

Feb 2004 – Tape Printing and Slitting plant set up
Our tape production plant was set up for printing, rewinding and slitting tapes. This facility remains one of the few in Australia.

June 2004 – Omni Masterwrap launched
Through cutting edge resin technology the Omni Masterwrap Stretch Film was developed. This high performance stretch film was developed to replace the conventional stretch films and to be a cost effective pallet wrapping solution while reducing environmental impact.

May 2007 – System Pak Established
System-Pak begun in 2007 as a wholesaler of the “Omni” packaging tools and machinery, selling to distributors across Australia and New Zealand.

June 2011 – Securapak started Established
Securapak Solutions begun in 2011 as a specialised solution provider for all your security packaging needs covering security tapes, speciality tapes and mailing bags.

Sept 2012 – AAA out grows its Warehouse again
As the business was developing and growing rapidly, a purpose built distribution head office was constructed and moved into in September 2012. This building catered for the tape printing plant, machine service area, showroom and over 4500 square meters of warehouse space!

2012 – Began manufacturing Omni Pallet Wrappers in Italy
Manufactured in Italy, the Omni Pallet Wrapping Machines are internationally awarded and recognized as “the most innovative pallet wrapper of the last decade”.

June 2012 – National Distribution Warehouses
Distribution Warehouses set up in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth to assist with national distribution and fast delivery times for our clients.

Nov 2013 – Omni Euro Wrap launched
The Omni Euro Wrap was engineered to work in conjunction with the Omni Pallet Wrapping Machines to create “The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution”. Omni Euro Wrap is the highest performing stretch film ever seen before in the market with stretch yields up to over 400%.

Dec 2013 – Developed “The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution”
The Product Development Team worked tirelessly at establishing “The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution” and released to the market in December 2013. “The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution” combined the advanced technology of the Omni Stretch Wrapping Machine range and its unique power pre-stretch capabilities with the qualities of the Omni Stretch Films.

May 2014 – Released the Omni Plana Pallet Wrapping Machine
The Omni Plana Pallet Wrapping machine has the lowest turntable in the world, sitting 18mm high. This has a wide range of advantages including being able to load the machine with a pallet truck instead of a forklift and saves space as no ramp is needed.

May 2015 – Omni Plana Pallet Wrapping Machine wins the APMMA award
AAA Packaging Supplies won the “APPMA Imported Equipment Excellence Award” for the innovative Omni Plana Pallet Wrapping Machine. The award recognised the cutting edge machinery and the “Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution” that AAA Packaging Supplies has developed which has revolutionised the global packaging industry.

April 2016 – Began Alliance with Omni Group of Companies
AAA Packaging Supplies, Securapak Solutions and System-Pak Australia became part of the “Omni Group” in April 2016, uniting years of experience and knowledge of the packaging industry and strengthening the ability to provide the “Perfect Packaging Solution” for every need across the industry.

March 2016 – Released the Omni Motus Pallet Wrapping Machine
The Omni Motus, the world’s first mobile pallet wrapping became the Perfect Solution for unloading containers with un-palletised and loose products. This pallet truck type stretch wrapping machine is battery operated with a rotary arm to circle the pallet while applying the stretch film.

May 2016 – Omni Viper Wrap launched
Launching Viper Wrap was a massive leap forward in the history of Omni Group. The Omni Viper Wrap is the industry game changer of hand stretch films being the Perfect Solution for those that prefer a tough and tacky blown film to securely wrap their pallets while reducing film usage by at least 40%.

June 2016 – Ronald McDonald Donation
AAA Packaging Supplies was proud and delighted to contribute a $7100 donation to the Ronald McDonald House Charities to assist them help more children suffering from serious illnesses to lead healthier, happier lives

March 2017 – Omni is the Winner for the PIDA Innovation Sustainable Packaging Award
The Omni Pallet Wrapping Solution has been awarded the Innovative Sustainable Packaging Design Winner of 2017. This distinctive PIDA (Packaging & Processing Innovation and Design) award recognises our innovative packaging developments that have significant sustainability and  environmental advantages. These awards are selected by the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) and the Australian Packaging & Processing Machinery Association (APPMA).

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March 2017 – New Website Launch
AAA Packaging Supplies release new website to make online ordering even easier.