Unique Features of Omni Stretch Wrap


Increase your stretch yield to over 400% –
400% stretch yield means a 2000m roll of stretch film can be increased to over 8000m in length. One roll of Omni Stretch Wrap is equivalent to 6 rolls of conventional stretch wrap

Reduce your stretch film usage by 50% –
Using Omni ‘Thinner, Stronger, Longer’ Stretch Film you can wrap more pallets using less film, halving your stretch wrap usage
Save over 20% on pallet wrapping costs –
Increasing your stretch film efficiency will significantly reduce your film usage, therefore save you money on overall pallet wrapping costs
Save the Environment –
Reducing your usage of stretch wrap helps save our environment. Halving your stretch film usage also means halving your plastic disposal costs.
Improve your pallet load containment –
Over 50% of pallet load damage is due to ineffective pallet wrapping, costing companies millions per year. Don’t risk it, ensure your pallets are secure

What is the Purpose of Stretch Wrapping Pallets?

If your pallet needs to be wrapped, it needs to be done properly. The purpose of wrapping your pallets is to contain and protect your goods during transit and storage in the most efficient and cost effective method. To ensure you have a Perfect Pallet Wrapping method its industry specialists you need talk to.

How Has Omni Products Revolutionised the Pallet Wrapping Industry?

Through cutting edge resin technology we have developed Omni Stretch Films Thinner, Longer and Stronger than the world has ever seen. These high performance films that are less than half the micron with superior puncture resistance and stretch ability to over 400%. This innovation enables you to wrap more pallets with significantly less film reducing film expenditure and environmental impact. Omni Stretch Wrap is Engineered to Perfection

The Omni Pallet Wrapping Solution has received several awards for its outstanding innovation. This Solution was awarded the PIDA 2017 Innovative Sustainable Packaging Award by the APPMA and the AIP.

These distinctive awards are to recognise innovative packaging developments with significant sustainability and  environmental advantages. Our Pallet Wrapping Solution is guaranteed to reduce film usage by pallet by over 50% as well as an over 20% cost reduction.