How do I know what Stretch Film to Purchase?

Pallet Stretch Wrap Selection Guide

As a result of cutting edge innovation and product development, a comprehensive range of Omni Stretch films have been released to suit every application therefore providing the Perfect Solution for every customers requirement.

To have the most cost effective pallet wrapping solution while maximising load containment and stretch yield, it is essential to select right film for the right application and pallet wrapper. This is what we refer to as “The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution”, the combination of Omni Stretch Film and Omni Pallet Wrapper.

The below questions help determine what film would best suit for your requirements:

1. What is the Pallet Load Type and Size?
Stretch film and machine manufacturers have divided the types of loads wrapped into three load types based on the degree of difficulty to wrap the pallet load.


B-300x231 c-1-300x231
A- Load
Straight sides
No Protrusions
Slightly inboard
Relatively straight sides
2 in. or less protrusions
Relatively stable
Odd Shapes
Severe Protrusions

2. Do you wrap your pallets with a machine or by hand?
Stretch Wrap comes in different core sizes and length rolls to suit machine and hand application.

3. What colour film do you require?
Omni Stretch Film is available in multiple colours for a variety of purposes. These include clear, black, white, red, blue, green, yellow. Some of the common uses if coloured film are:
Security and Privacy – our Black and white stretch wraps are an opaque film which
offers added security and privacy for your pallets
Reduce heat damage – white stretch wrap doesn’t attract heat so is great for palletising
products that are not heat tolerant
Pallet Identification – our range of translucent coloured films provide the solution to pallet identification.

What is the Perfect Pallet Identification Solution? 

4. If you have a pallet wrapper, what type is it and does it have a power pre-stretch?
A power pre-stretch is a feature on a pallet wrappers which maximises the film stretch yield. It has rollers on the film delivery system turn at different speeds to cause the film to stretch at adjustable levels. This allows the film to get pre-stretch to over 400% before applying on the pallet, significantly reducing film usage. Only high performance films will have this stretch ability.

5. What Type of Product is being wrapped?
The weight of the load and product type that is being wrapped must be considered when selecting a suitable film type and gauge.

6. What is the distance, time and environment the pallets are being shipped in?
The distance and method of shipment are important considerations when selecting the right film. Pallets being transferred across long distances in a flatbed truck or by rail would require a different film than a product shipped a short distance by truck or inter-plant.

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