How do I Save Money By Having a Pallet Wrapping Machine?

Are you Hand Wrapping Pallets?
Buying a pallet wrapping machine may seem like a luxury purchase, a want rather than a need. The truth is a machine will potentially pay for itself in several ways. Some of the reasons for this are:

1. Reduce Wrapping Costs
Using a Omni pallet wrapping machine with a power pre-stretch is a cost effective way to wrap your pallets as it gets the most yield, stretching your film over 400% therefore significantly reducing the cost per pallet wrapped. This process increases the number of loads that can be wrapped with a roll of stretch film. For example, 400% stretch on a 2000m roll of stretch film will give you an 10,000m yield.

2. Reduces OH & S risk
Manually stretch wrapping pallets results in poor postures and movements and often high force which can cause your staff to have musculoskeletal injuries. Worksafe Australia high recommends wrapping pallets with a machine to remove this risk as injury claims can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

3. Increase Load Containment & Damage Prevention
Remember, the main purpose of stretch wrapping pallets is to protect your product loads from damage during storage and transportation. A majority of load containment issues are because the pallets are incorrectly wrapped. Hand wrapping pallets may seem like an easy alternative but it’s impossible to produce the same results as a machine. The reasons for this is:
Inconsistent containment force – It’s easier for people to wrap tightly in the middle of a load than the top and the bottom, leaving weak points.
A poor load-to-pallet bond – It’s difficult for people to reach the bottom of the load and catch the pallet, and the film always seems to tear anyway. Without a proper load-to pallet bond you risk of the load sliding off its pallet during transit.

4. Reduce Film Wastage – Environment
Reducing your film usage to wrap your pallets reduces the environmental impact. Stretch wrapping machines have a greater pre-stretching capability compared to hand applying film therefore gets more yield out of your stretch wrap, using less film. With our revolutionising Omni Stretch Wrap and Machines, we can guarantee to reduce film usage by over 50%

5. Reduce Labour Cost
The cost of labour continues to rise and hand wrapping pallets is a time consuming task. Using a machine is wrap your pallets will increase productivity and reduce labour cost. The machine wraps pallets while warehouse employees focus on other tasks, potentially eliminating the need for additional employees. Spreading the cost of a semi-automatic stretch wrapper over the thousands of loads that it’s going to wrap during its economic life, yields a low machine cost per load wrapped.

6. Increase Warehouse Efficiency
Increasing warehouse efficiency and productivity is every warehouse managers goal. Machine wrapping your pallets can take less than half the time spent wrapping pallets by hand. By allowing a machine to wrap pallet loads, workers are free to focus on other tasks, therefore increases overall workplace efficiency.

7. Program Automatic Wrapping Settings
With extensive programming options, these Omni Pallet Wrapping Machines have the ability to wrap your products the way that suits every specific load type while achieving maximum yield. Unique senses allow the machine to increase and decrease the film tension for the necessary position on the pallet. This setting is often programmed to lower tension on sharp corners of the pallet to avoid puncturing the film. Adjustments are also necessary to have light tension for starting bottom wraps and then to increase the film tension for the remaining and the final bottom wraps for increased load stability.

8. Calculates Monthly Film/Usage Costs
The pallet wrapping machines have a fully in built memory technology which can calculate your usage of your wrap. This is a perfect tool for analysing your costing per pallet wrapped and for monitoring operator usage. This makes expenditure tracking and budgeting easy!

9. Ability to Wrap Large Pallets
Almost every pallet load is a different shape and size, some are too height for a person to wrap. The 2.5m height masts on the pallet wrapping machines solve this problem. The options of these machines are endless, we are guarantee a solution to every wrapping requirement.

10. Professional Application
Hand wrapping may seem like a cheaper alternative, but it’s impossible to produce the same results as a machine. Machines have the ability to perform the same task again and again with a consistent and uniform application. The last load is wrapped just as well as the first. If your pallets are wrapped neatly it reflects care and pride in your products.