Omni Motus – Introducing The Perfect Mobile Pallet Wrapping Solution

The Omni Motus, the world’s first mobile pallet wrapping machine, is the Perfect Solution for unloading containers with un-palletised and loose products. This pallet truck type stretch wrapping machine is battery operated with a large rotary arm to circle the pallet while applying the stretch film. Without this brilliant machine, unloading loose products from containers wastes many hours while safety is compromised and expense too high.

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‘’The mobility machine is very handy, in that can be set up anywhere we have the room which helps with the incoming freight’’
Warehouse Manager – National Logistics Company

Semi Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machines
Product Specifications
• Electronic Printed Circuit Board for the Management of the Cycle
• Frequency Controller for Arm Speed Adjustment (From 3 To 10 Rpm)
• Frequency Controller for Carriage Speed Adjustment (Speed Going
Up and Speed Going Down can be set differently)
• Maximum Wrapping Height: 2000 mm
• Maximum Size of The Pallet 1200 x 1200 mm
• Electromagnetic Brake for Film Stretching
• Photocell for Pallet Height Detection
• Safety Stop at The Base Of The Arm
• Stop at 0 Position
• Power Board Ip54
• 4 Digit Display
• 2 Access Key (Including Lock Mode)
• Adjustable Parameters By The Control Panel: Cycle Selection,
Bottom Turns, Top Turns, Rotation Speed, Carriage Speed Going Up,
Carriage Speed Going Down, Film Tension.
• Many Parameters Available At Upper Password Level
• Reinforcing Operation
• 3 Working Cycles: Ascent/Descent; Top Sheet; Only Ascent
• 6 Programs Can Be Saved By The Customer
• “Yo-yo” System To Better Connect The Load To The Pallet
• Safe Oil-Hydraulic System To Lift The Pallet
• 2 Machines In One: Pallet Wrapper and Hand Pallet Jack
• Battery Operated
• 100 Pallet Autonomy (Based On Standard Wrapping)
• 2 Working Ways: Semi manual, Semiautomatic.
• Acoustic Warning At The Cycle Beginning and Stop
• Braked Arm at the End Of The Cycle

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