Omni Viper Wrap – Product Release

Thinner stronger longer stretch wrap

Omni releases another ‘Thinner, Stronger and Longer’ Stretch Film – Viper Wrap
The Omni Viper Wrap is the industry game changer of blown stretch films. This world first product is the Perfect Solution for those that prefer a tough and tacky blown film to securely wrap their pallets while reducing film usage by at least 40%. Developed using high performance resins technology, allows this significant usage reduction being a Thinner, Stronger and Longer film.

Never seen before in the market, our Omni Viper Wrap is quickly becoming the most sought after blown stretch wrap replacing the conventional blown films which is more costly and heavier weight rolls. The molecule structure of blown film is criss-crossed which means when tensioned, it locks in very hard so therefore is tougher but has a lower stretch yield compared to cast films. Available in black and natural in hand and machine rolls, this is another Omni Stretch Film to add to our extensive range.

Benefits of Omni Viper Wrap:
Cost savings – Uses over 40% less stretch film per pallet wrapped
Environmentally friendly – Reducing film usage helps save the environment
Load integrity – High tack and puncture resistant and low stretch yield allows the wrap stay secure
User friendly – Lightweight rolls makes it easier to hand apply on pallet therefore reducing back strain
Value for Money – Offers the same performance as higher gauge conventional films at a significantly lower cost

Click here to View Viper Wrap – Machine Stretch
Click here to View Viper Wrap – Machine Stretch