What yield are to getting out of a roll of stretch wrap?

Did you know our Omni Pallet Wrap can stretch up to 400%?

We have developed Omni Stretch Films thinner, stronger and longer as a result of cutting edge innovation and product development. Omni Products have revolutionised the industry, engineering to perfection films that have given all users the ability to save money and reduce environmental impact.

Omni Stretch Films – Wrap More Pallets with Less Film

We guarantee to reduce your stretch film usage by up to 70% with our award winning Omni Pallet Wrapping Solution.

Through cutting edge resin technology, we have developed high performance films that are less than half the micron with superior puncture resistance and stretch ability. These Omni Stretch films have been engineered with the Omni Pallet Wrappers with a 400% pre-stretch capability.

Our goal is to use the minimum grams of film to wrap a pallet while maintaining optimum puncture resistance and load containment to reduce wrapping expenditure and waste. Our pallet wrapping specialists conduct a Load Cell Test to analyse and measure the containment force and puncture resistance on variety films wrapping the same pallet load to determine the perfect wrap for that application. For each film type that is tested, the grams used to wrap the pallet is weighed to determine the cost and film usage for each type. This analysis test is referred to as a ‘cut and weigh’ test. The results are inserted into a spread sheet report which calculates the load containment level, film reduction amount and total cost savings.

Our Omni Pallet Wrapping Solution has been awarded the Innovative Sustainable Packaging Design Winner of 2017 – Read News Article

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