What is The Perfect Machine Loan Solution?

To avoid the capital outlay of purchasing a pallet wrapping machine, we offer many alternative payment options to further assist with your packaging needs. These alternative payment options include rental, lease, loan, consignment and Pay ‘Per Pallet Wrapped’ options.

Our machine loan solution doesn’t just apply to our Pallet Wrapping Machines. We also offer this Poly Strapping Machines, Carton Sealing Machines, Heat Shrink Machines and Air Pouch Machines

What is our Pay ‘Per Pallet Wrapped’ Solution?
Our Pallet Wrapping Machines have Inbuilt Memory Technology that allows you to calculate your stretch film usage and wrapping rotations. This program is used to the advantage paying ‘Per Pallet Wrapped’ rather than per roll stretch film. This is a perfect tool for analysing your costing per pallet wrapped and for monitoring operator usage.