What is The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution?

Omni Stretch Wrap + Omni Pallet Wrapper = The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution

With our Thinner, Stronger and Longer Omni Stretch you can wrap more pallets with less film. The development and innovation of these Omni Products have revolutionised the pallet wrapping industry. Engineered together to have the capability of stretching film to over 400%, this solution guarantees a reduction film of usage by over 50% and the overall saving of over 20%.

The Omni Pallet Wrapping Solution was awarded the Innovative Sustainable Packaging Design Winner of 2017

These distinctive awards are to recognise innovative packaging developments with significant sustainability and environmental advantages. This Pallet Wrapping Solution is guaranteed to reduce film usage by pallet by over 50% as well as an over 20% cost reduction. This industry excellence award reinforces our unique ability to provide significant packaging cost and waste reduction for your clients through cutting edge innovation.

We Guarantee…