Omni Products has developed a variety of premium packaging tapes to suit a range of application, surfaces and conditions. Packaging Tape is categorised into 3 main adhesions types; Acrylic, Hot Melt (Synthetic Rubber) and Natural Rubber Solvent. Packaging Tape is used for general purpose and carton sealing applications. With in-house slitting and printed facilities we can custom print and slit packaging tape for each client’s requirements. Click here to view Packaging Tape selection guide

Acrylic Packaging Tape: Packaging Tape with an Acrylic adhesive is a  bargain priced tape but without compromising on quality. This packaging tape has good adhesion performance that can be applied to plastic, paper and cardboard items that are stored or transported in low temperatures.

Hot Melt Packaging Tape: Packaging tape with a hot melt rubber adhesive has premium adhesion qualities that can be applied to paper and cardboard cartons in mild to hot temperature environments. hot melt adhesive is sometimes referred to as synthetic rubber adhesive, is not suitable for cold storage rooms and freezers under 15 degrees.

Rubber Solvent Packaging Tape: Packaging tape with a rubber solvent adhesive is the most aggressive of the range. It has an excellent fast bonding adhesion on a wide variety of surfaces and temperatures. Natural rubber packaging tape is the most premium aggressive adhesive and is the most common type of packaging type being good value high performing.

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