Through the development of Omni Stretch Wrap, we have revolutionised the industry, engineering to perfection high performance films that are thinner, stronger and longer meaning you can wrap more pallets with less film. While providing optimum pallet load containment we guarantee to save our clients money and reduce the environmental impact of pallet wrapping film. Stretch Wrap, also referred to as shrink wrap or pallet stretch film is available in different size rolls for hand and machine application. Omni has developed a large range of Pallet Stretch Wrap types to suit different load types and pallet wrapping requirements. The colours of stretch wrapping film available are natural, black, white, red, blue, yellow and green. Not sure what type of stretch wrap you need? View Selection Guide.

Manufactured in Italy, the Omni Pallet Stretch Wrappers are internationally awarded machines recognized as “the most innovative pallet stretch wrapper of the last decade”. Engineered in conjunction with the Omni Pallet Stretch Wrap, our Pallet Wrapping Machines can stretch pallet film to over 400%. Omni have developed a range of semi-automatic and full automatic pallet stretch wrappers to different warehouse requirements and pallet load types. We also custom design and manufacture inline pallet wrapping machines integrated into automatic conveyed packaging lines.

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