Through the development of Omni Stretch Wrap, we have revolutionised the industry, engineering to perfection high performance films that are thinner, stronger and longer meaning you can wrap more pallets with less film. While providing optimum pallet load containment we guarantee to save our clients money and reduce the environmental impact of pallet wrapping film. Stretch Wrap, also referred to as shrink wrap or pallet stretch film is available in different size rolls for hand and machine application. Omni has developed a large range of Pallet Stretch Wrap types to suit different load types and pallet wrapping requirements. The colours of stretch wrapping film available are natural, black, white, red, blue, yellow and green.

Increase your stretch yield to over 400% –
400% stretch yield means a 2000m roll of stretch film can be increased to over 8000m in length. One roll of Omni Stretch Wrap is equivalent to 6 rolls of conventional stretch wrap

Reduce your stretch film usage by 50% –
Using Omni ‘Thinner, Stronger, Longer’ Stretch Film you can wrap more pallets using less film, halving your stretch wrap usage

Save over 20% on pallet wrapping costs –
Increasing your stretch film efficiency will significantly reduce your film usage, therefore save you money on overall pallet wrapping costs

Save the Environment –
Reducing your usage of stretch wrap helps save our environment. Halving your stretch film usage also means halving your plastic disposal costs.

Improve your pallet load containment –
Over 50% of pallet load damage is due to ineffective pallet wrapping, costing companies millions per year. Don’t risk it, ensure your pallets are secure
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