Coloured PVCTape 36mm – Omni

PVC Tape is a heavy duty packaging tape used in various applications. It has a silent rewind and is a matte finish industry tape,

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Soft PVC tape suitably plasticized and stabilized
CNS(R.O.C.) listed, matte finish industry tape.
Anti-abrasion, flexible and resistant to most acids, alkalis and oils
Silent unwind with strong adhesion especially to plastic products.
Variety of colours and sizes available
High tensile strength and adhesion strength
Moisture resistant
A lot quieter in application to that of Polypropylene Tape
Quick release when pulled from roll

Used for industrial identification, colour coding and bundling
Carton sealing

Coloured PVCTape 36mm – Omni

Code Colour Size Qty/ctn Qty Unit Price Order Qty (Roll)
62.038GR Green 36mm X 66m 48
1 Ctn (48 Rolls)
5 Ctns (240 Rolls)
10 Ctns (480 Rolls)
62.038RD Red 36mm X 66m 48
1 Ctn (48 Rolls)
5 Ctns (240 Rolls)
10 Ctns (480 Rolls)
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