Dunnage Inflatable Air Bags – Omni

Often referred to as airbags, air cushions, or inflatable bags, our Dunnage Bags are used to secure and stabilize cargo. Whether you transport your products via truck, railcar, sea container, vessels or a combination of these, our dunnage bags are the most efficient bracing and cushioning air bags available to protect your shipment. Omni Dunnage Bags – Engineered to Perfection

Dunnage Inflatable Air Bags – Features/Benefits:
• Plastic lined inflatable pillow, covered with heavy duty Kraft paper
• Fast filling, reusable space filling bags
• Restrains pallet shift in containers during shipping
• Inflatable guns available to suit

Dunnage Inflatable Air Bags – Applications:
• Perfect solution for transport by sea, rail or road to prevent movement of pallets and damage during shipment

Dunnage Inflatable Air Bags – Omni

Code Qty/Pallet Length Width Qty Unit Price No. of units
29.101 170 1800mm 900mm
Qty 1
Pallet Qty (170)
29.103 100 2200mm 1000mm
Qty 1
Pallet Qty (100)
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