15.006 Furniture Blanket15.006 Furniture Blanket

Furniture Blankets – Omni

Furniture blankets are a durable material used to protect furniture surfaces from dust and scratches during transport and storage. these blankets commonly used by removalists as a heavy duty, reusable and economical protection method. omni furniture blankets – engineered to perfection

Furniture Blankets – Features/Benefits:
• Strong, durable and soft to protect your goods from dents and scratches during transit
• Cost effective and reusable
• Pre-cut individual blankets for extra convenience

Furniture Blankets – Applications:
• Used by removalists to wrap and protect items during transport
• Suitable furniture industries to prevent dust and scratches

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Furniture Blankets – Omni

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15.006 L/blue 1.83m X 3.6m
Qty 12
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Qty 108
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