Hand Cleaners

– The deep scrubbing action of fine pumice grains gives an added abrasive power
to the hand cleaner for removal of heavy grease and grime from the hands.

– Supa Grit effectively removes deeply embedded grease, oil, bitumen, dried body filler, paint,
printers ink, carbon, glues, silicone sealants, epoxy resins and countless other ground in soils.

– Supa Grit contains lanolin to restore moisture and suppleness to hands and anti-bacterial
agents to prevent industrial dermatitis. Supa Grit is ideal for use in heavy industrial applications.

Hand Cleaners

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88.300 21 Litre Hand Cleaner Super Grit
88.301 4kg Supa Grit Soap
88.302 1 Litre Refills Hand Soap Deb Hygenipak
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