– Available in six sizes.
– Whether for small components like washers, nails or fuses, or slightly larger items
and small packages, there’s a MicroBin to meet your needs.

Micro Bins

Code Colour Size Dimension Qty Unit Price No. of units
25.040BL Blue 0.5 Litres 100mm X 120mm X 60mm
Qty 1
25.041BL Blue 1.0 Litres 100mm X 178mm X 85mm
Qty 1
25.042BL Blue 2.5 Litres 135mm X 225mm X 125mm
Qty 1
25.043BL Blue 6.0 Litres 205mm X 280mm X 165mm
Qty 1
25.044BL Blue 12.0 Litres 410mm X 280mm X 165mm
Qty 1
25.045BL Blue 24.0 Litres 410mm X 440mm X 210mm
Qty 1
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