Omni Dynamic Wrap – Hand Prestretch Film

The Omni Dynamic Wrap range is a pre-stretched film, engineered to drastically reduce the need to pull extra tension whilst applying the film to the pallet. this means film that is pre-stretched to it maximum yield prior to it being rolled onto the cores. Omni Pallet Stretch Wrap – Thinner, Stronger, Longer

Dynamic Wrap Pre Stretch Film – Features & Benefits:
• OH&S Recognised – Pre-stretched film removes back strain as no tensioning is required when applying to pallet
• User Friendly – Easy to handle and apply being lighter weight rolls
• Environmentally friendly – Reducing film usage helps save the environment
• Load integrity – Superb strength & grip, secures loads effectively to the pallet

Dynamic Wrap Pre Stretch Film – Applications:
The Dynamic Wrap is suited specifically to those wrapping lighter weight pallets that tend to move on the pallet whilst being stretched. This is because it eliminates the need to tension on the pallet which can cause the load to move. This pre-stretched film is available in two grades, medium and premium to suit different load types.

Omni Dynamic Wrap – Hand Prestretch Film

Code Colour Dimension Qty/ctn Qty/Pallet Qty Unit Price No. of units
57.305 Natural 430mm X 600m 6 312
6 Roll
60 Rolls
1 Pallet (312 rolls)
57.306 Natural 430mm X 400m 6 312
6 Rolls
60 Rolls
1 Pallet (312 rolls)
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