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Omni Evolvo – Pallet Wrapping Machine

The Omni Evolvo Pallet Wrapping Machine is available in Automatic and Semi-Automatic functions. Its rotating arm to wrap around the pallets is suitable for heavy or unstable pallets. Manufactured in Italy, this Award Winning Omni Pallet Wrapping Machine has been Engineered to Perfection.

Omni Evolvo Pallet Wrapper

This rotating arm wrapping on the Omni Evolvo Pallet Wrapper are the perfect solution for heavy or unstable pallets. The Evolvo has been designed to offer all the advantages of a rotating arm stretch wrapping machine – but be affordable. It has adjustable film tension which is very important when unstable pallets. Made in Italy, these award winning pallet wrapping machines are Engineered to Perfection

Omni Evolvo Pallet Wrapper – Specifications
• Electronic printed circuit board
• Frequency controller for carriage speed adjustment
• Frequency controller for turntable speed adjustment
• Maximum height of pallet: 2400 mm
• Maximum size of the pallet:1200 x 1000 mm
• Power pre-stretch carriage
• Photocell to detect the pallet height
• Safety stop loop at the base of the mast
• Stop at 0 position
• Power board IP54
• 3 password levels (including lock password)
• Adjustable parameters by the control panel without password: cycle selection, bottom laps, top laps, top sheet cycle parameters, rotation speed, carriage ascent speed, carriage descent speed, ?lm tension, starting wrapping height
• 6 working cycles: ascent/descent; top sheet; only ascent; only descent; layers; stack
• Storage of 32 end user programs
• 3 working ways: semi manual, semiautomatic, fixed height
• Strengthening operation
• Acoustic warning at the cycle beginning and stop
• Auto diagnostic
• Wrapped pallet counter
• Receiver for infrared/radio remote control
• Powder coating
• Braked arm at the end of the cycle

Height – 3540mm
Width – 2860mm
Length – 3160mm
Machine Weight – 600kg
Power Supply – 240 Volt
Power Absorption – 1.5kW

Omni Evolvo Pallet Wrapper – Extra Options
• Prestretch up to 420%
• Power pre-stretch with auto cut-off system
• Roping system
• 3000 mm max wrapping height
• Remote control
• Photocell for dark loads
• Mechanical system to brake roll containers
• Safety fences
• Pillar
• Plate for wall mounting
• Sealing Unit

Omni Evolvo – Pallet Wrapping Machine

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85.650 Evolvo
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85.670 Evolvo Power Prestrech Automatic
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