Omni L-Bar Semi-Automatic Sealing Machines

These machines will make the job very easy for you! No bending, pulling or twisting…its just a breeze as you enjoy quality sealing at a comfortable work station.

Specifications of L-Bar Sealer:

Voltage: 220V
Exterior Size: 1600mm x 750mm x 1450mm
Working Table Height: 875mm
Dimension of Sealing: L400mm x W550mm (Omni 510)
L650mm x W500mm (Omni 520)
L600mm x W850mm (Omni 530)
Max Packing Size: L650mm x W500mm x H225mm (Omni 520)
Shrinking Material: PVC, POF, PE, PP
Efficiency: 800-1200/h
Enviroment: 0-40

Omni L-Bar Semi-Automatic Sealing Machines

Code Model Dimension Type Qty
18.330 Omni 510 400mm X 550mm Semi Auto
Qty 1
18.331 Omni 520 500mm x 650mm Semi Auto
Qty 1
18.332 Omni 530 600mm x 850mm Semi Auto
Qty 1
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