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Omni Orbital Wrapping Machines

These units are the “Perfect Packaging Solution” for the wrapping of long & difficult parcels or objects. Simply feed the product through the open area and it automatically sprial wraps with stretch film as it goes through giving a professional, protective and quick wrap.

The Omni 600 has the most advanced system, with film clamp, heated wire
cutting, and heated welding. Each setting can be adjusted accordingly in
the control box that is located on the lower right hand side. Manually
adjustable top pressure rollers are also included.

Specifications of Omni 600:
Film Ring: 100RPM Drive System Belt
Film Width: 76mm (3”), 102mm (4”), 127mm (5”)
Film Max Roll Diameter: 200mm
Film Tension: Friction Drive System (Adjustable)
Min. Product Capacity: Diameter 102mm
Min. Product Capacity (for round products): Max. Diameter 330mm
Min Width x Min Height x Max Width: 102mm x 50mm x 560mm
Product Capacity: For Square or Rectangular
Max. Rectangle Diagnal: 530mm
Machine Size: 1246 x 1084 x 1512mm
Machine Net Weight: 315kg

Specifications Omni 600 – 18.600

Max / Min length: unlimited / 500 mm
Min sizes: 50 x 50 x 500 mm (L)
Useful width: 460 mm
Length: 1.000mm
Working height: adjustable
Lineal speed: From 8mts/min. up to 30mts/min
Max. weight to convey: 50kg/ lineal meter
Max. width / height: 490mm/250mm
Engine: 1.25 Kw
Power supply: 230V I.
Packed machine sizes: 1,20 x 0,80 x 1,70 m – 150 Kg.
Manoeuvre: 24V c.c.
Power consumption: 0.64 Kw
Ring rotation speed: From 5 to 180 rpm.
Speed inverters: Fuji.
Programmable PLC: Omron.
Pneumatic pressure: 6 bars.
Width: 100 mm.
Thickness: 17, 23 or 30 microns.
External / internal Ø: 200 / 38 mm.
Colours: Transparent / opaque.
Packed film reels sizes:1,00 x 1,20 x 1,97 m – 915 Kg.

Omni Orbital Wrapping Machines

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