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Omni Poly Strapping Machines – Fully Automatic

A very fast & reliable automated machine that will help speed up your packing time! These fully automatic strapping machines have an arch for quick and effective strapping.

Omni Strapping Machines – Engineered to Perfection!

Strapping Machine Omni 150:
A very fast reliable automatic machine, that if required can be set up as a part of a production line as it has metal rollers on the table & automatic sensors to strap when item passes through the arch. The strapping is mounted on the outside of the machine.

Strapping Machine Omni 162:
Equipped with an automatic loading system, this high speed in-line strapping machine is belt driven.

Strapping Machine Omni 180:
An excellent machine that is made fully out of stainless steel so that they are suitable for use in wet or corrosive prone conditions. Also used in the meat & food industry for hygiene and prevention of contamination.

Omni Poly Strapping Machines – Fully Automatic

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54.045 Omni 150 fully-automatic-strapping-outside
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54.048 omni-180-stainless-steel fully-auto-enclosed-strapping-5-0mm-15-5mm
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54.049 Omni 162 Belt Driven Fully Automatic
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