Omni Steel Strapping – Ribbon Wound

The Omni Steel Strapping is available is a variety of widths and thicknesses to suit every application.

Ribbon wound steel strapping are small rolls coils than rope wound making easier to handle.

To ensure the best performance of these strapping materials, we also have a full line of application equipment and accessories, including steel strapping seals, manual hand tools, pneumatic tools and dispensers.

Omni Steel Strapping – Engineered to Perfection

Ribbon Steel Strapping – Features/Benefits:
• High breaking strain
• Cost effecting and heavy duty strapping method
• Smaller coils for easy handling

Ribbon Steel Strapping – Applications:
• Perfect solution for bundling, utilizing, palletising closure, reinforcement, security and case sealing
• Used by timber mills, brick and stone manufacturers and others that strap heavy pallets
• Used by small volume users

Accessories for Steel Strapping:
Steel Strapping Seals
Steel Strapping Tensioner
Steel Strapping Sealer
Steel Strapping Dispenser
Steel Strapping Cutter

Omni Steel Strapping – Ribbon Wound

Code Colour Length Width Thickness Weight per roll Qty Unit Price No. of units
51.005 Black 25.1 Mt/kg 12.7mm 0.40mm 9 Kg
1 Roll (9kg)
10 Rolls (90 Rolls)
1 Skid (approx 500kg)
51.010 Black 17.8 Mt/kg 15.9mm 0.50mm 12 Kg
1 Roll (12kg)
10 Rolls (120 kg)
1 Skid (500kg)
51.015 Black 12.0 Mt/kg 19.0mm 0.56mm 15 Kg
1 Roll (15kg)
10 Rolls (150kg)
1 Skid (500kg)
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