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Omni Viper Wrap – Black Machine Blown Film

The Omni Viper Wrap is the industry game changer of blown hand stretch films being the Perfect Solution for those that prefer a tough and tacky blown film to securely wrap their pallets while reducing film usage by at least 40%. Omni Pallet Stretch Wrap – Thinner, Stronger, Longer

Viper Wrap Stretch Film – Features & Benefits:
• Thinner, Longer, Stronger – Uses over 40% less stretch film per pallet wrapped
• Environmentally Friendly – Reducing film usage helps save the environment
• Load Integrity – High tack and puncture resistant and low stretch yield allows the wrap stay secure
• User Friendly – Lightweight rolls makes it easier to apply on pallet therefore reducing back strain
• Value for Money – Offers the same performance as higher gauge conventional films at a significantly lower cost

Viper Wrap Stretch Film – Applications:
The molecule structure of blown stretch film is criss-crossed which means when tensioned, it locks in very hard so therefore has a lower stretch yield compared to cast films. This stretch wrap has a very high puncture resistance and performs very well in cold conditions.

Omni Viper Wrap – Black Machine Blown Film

Code Colour Dimension Qty/ctn Qty/Pallet Type Qty Unit Price No. of units
56.053 Black 500mm X 1800m 1 50 Blown
1 Roll
25 Rolls
1 Pallet (50 Rolls)
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