Reinforced Aluminium Foil Tape

Reinforced Aluminium Foil Tape – Omni 493

The Omni 493 Reinforced Aluminium Foil Tape is designed to cover all key application areas where high temperature resistance and electrical or thermal conductivity is required. This premium grade foil tape has an aggressive synthetic rubber adhesive with a heavy duty 150um foil liner. Reinforced Foil Tape has a mesh backing of cross woven filaments, creating a very high tensile and tear resistant tape for heavy duty applications. Aluminium Foil Tape is also referred to as Thermal Insulation Tape

Reinforced Aluminium Foil Tape – Features/Benefits:
• Heavy Duty 6.0 mil (150 micron) Aluminium Foil Liner
• Cross Woven PE mesh backing creating a very high tensile and tear resistant tape
• Coated with aggressive synthetic rubber/resin adhesive for high performance bonding
• Outstanding deflection of heat and light
• Good aging resistance for both indoor & outdoor use
• Combination of baking material ensures high flexibility and conformability
• Hi tack adhesive works from 20°c to 110°c – outstanding temperature and ageing resistance

Aluminium Foil Tape – Applications:
• Ideal for all joining and sealing applications.
• Rigid & flexible metal duct seams/connections sealing
• Joining foil faced insulation panels and pipe sections
• Fiberglass facing joints sealing & other HVAC industry
• Used for electromagnetic protection in the electronic industry

Reinforced Aluminium Foil Tape – Omni 493

Code Size Qty/ctn Width Thickness Qty Unit Price Order Qty
60.124 24mm X 50m 48 24mm 150um
60.136 36mm X 50m 32 3.6mm 150um
60.148 48mm X 50m 24 48mm 150um
60.172 72mm X 50m 16 72mm 150um
60.196 96mm X 50m 12 96mm 150um
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